Driving Instructor Training North Wales

Reasons to become a driving Instructor

People all have different reasons for choosing the career path of a driving instructor. Just like any job, people take various paths to get to the ultimate location of being a driving instructor and undergoing driving instructor training north wales.

Exciting Job

The road is a beautiful thing, it can take you far and wide. When you have a variety of different locations around you can be meandering through mountain valley roads one minute to driving along a sunset boulevard next.

Helping others with an important life step

For those who get real enjoyment from helping others in a difficult situation, look no further than being a driving instructor. I’m sure you remember the nerves leading up the driving test day, the high stakes of the test itself and the joy you experience when passing. Well imagine the feeling of being the one who facilitates this amazing change.

Flexible Hours

You can fill up your time as you like, booking students as and when you have availability. This means that you can live a lifestyle which suits your specific requirements. For example – if you want to start work at 10am every day – You can!

You can be your own boss

We all hate taking orders from people, well if you became a self-employed driving instructor then you wouldn’t have to do that anymore. It’s up to you to make sure that you keep your work on track and all up to your own discretion.

Better control of Work/Life Balance

Many people have an issue of getting swept away with their work life, and lose their sense of personal wellbeing. However, having a career which gives you control over this balance through flexibility or self-employment you are able to tip the scales to a point you are comfortable with.

Better Earning Potential?

You could be likely to earn more than you are currently. To give you an idea, driving lessons are at an all time premium. It currently costs over £26 per hour on average to have a driving lesson (of course this depends on where you are in the world, and also the company). A full-time instructor can earn £30,000 to £35,000 a year.

Job Security

There’s no risk of redundancy – this is a skill for life as it is your license and you’re driving school. You’ll be comfortably in work and have plenty of demand until self-driving cars become a thing.

Job Satisfaction

This is a very satisfying job – work alongside people, help people overcome challenges, constantly changing scenery and much more!

If this seems like something that you would be interested in, there’s no better time to research driving instructor training North Wales!