Energy Revolution Movement from Audi

Audi as a design motivated automotive brand has now got more reasons to stay at the headlines. Audi has now taken up a bold step towards joining the green revolution to share the responsibility. The top-notch brand is now busy in the production of developing vehicles that will run solely of renewable fuels. They have gone ahead with this idea so far, that these fuels now have a new pet name called by the Audi people. Yes, you heard it right, these are now going to be known better as Audi e-fuels that will include the Audi e-gas, further divided into e gasoline and e-diesel types.

The Mission

At the Bakersfield Car dealership, the staff were proud to speak and share about the mission of the brand Audi for initiating such a ground breaking concept. At this juncture of global warming and environmental pollution, Audi wanted to keep its brand stay afloat in the market while encouraging people to use cars that won’t trouble the atmosphere any further. This movement from Audi is aiming to drastically cut down the overall amount of CO2 emissions that is expected to count up to 80 percent. That is a revolutionary step taken by Audi, as all the other world-class automotive brands are highly charged now to follow its footsteps.

Concept Behind Manufacturing Audi e-fuels

The Audi e-fuels are actually sustainable fuels that will get continuously production in the same amount of which the car emits CO₂ when it is moving on the road. The carbon dioxide in this kind of fuel gets managed as a cycle that keeps changing its form. From a harmful pollutant the carbon dioxide will get converted into a valuable material and become the driving force for the vehicle. This  production of Audi e-fuels is an innovative way to procreate renewable energy.

Audi e-fuels

Audi e-gas is made of synthetic methane. The e-gas gets produced through a two-step process derived from two natural sources of renewable energy, one is the water and the other is the CO₂. while till now the CO₂ has been regarded only as a pollutant, with this innovative concept, it will change its form from a harmful emitted polluter to an energy producing gas. Audi has arranged the production of CO₂ from an adjacent plant that will produce waste biogas. The Audi e-gas will be ideal for the purpose of powering the internal combustion engines ready for running the car on natural gas.

Setting an Example Through Audi G-Tron Model

The expert team serving the Bakersfield dealership explained the concept of Audi e-gas and the fact that, the concept of Audi e-gas couldn’t remain only as a theoretical entity for long. Audi had to show the result. So it has launched its G-Tron model of this Audi e gas that got installed in every Audi vehicle series, like the Audi A3, A4 and A5. The power-to-gas plant will be prioritized to start up the process while the wind and solar power plants of a region will keep producing more electricity than till now the local grid could absorb.

Overall the result was simply splendid, and as always, the brand-name once again proved that it is still leading the industry towards a brighter future.